All Natural Extraction


Canadian Clean Water Advantage
A clean and innovative technology utilizing only pure Canadian water to extract bioactive compounds from plant materials without the use of chemical solvents.


At Ocana™, we use patented AqueousPure™ innovative method for bioactive extraction. AqueousPure™ employs an extraction method that applies heat and pressure to water to lower its polarity, to increase the water’s ability to solubilize bioactive compounds without the need for chemical solvents. In addition, the beneficial process using high temperature of the water is to break down plant cell walls and membranes isolating only the rich plant compound that would not have achieved by conventional chemical solvent.

Green Extraction by water is a new and powerful technique which is environmental-friendly that uses less energy and reduces waste as it’s by-products are non-toxic and easily disposed of without harming the environment. It also does not use any hazardous solvents, meaning a safer product and safer workplace.
We then concentrate the raw liquids by evaporation, creating a liquid concentrate full of bioactive compounds that retains the original color, flavor, and aroma profile of the plant and is less prone to microbial growth.

Unlike the conventional drying method with strong heat and harsh vacuum to destroy the fresh produce, our gentle fast drying method uses both heat and water to dries each plant to the exact point of dehydration. This preserves the nutrients, color and aroma of each ingredient.
These extracts made with the AqueousPure™ method are then applied in our supplement products to ensure that we are offering the highest concentrate of high-quality bioactive ingredients for your health benefits.

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Pure bioactive phytonutrients.

We carefully curate the best ingredients from Canada – always whole herbs and ingredients, never isolates or synthetics. And we don’t add any fillers, artificial flavours, preservatives or colours.

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We are dedicated to producing the highest quality of natural health solutions by finding the cleanest, reliable sources of origins from Canada. We believe in using Whole Plant ingredients. Whole plants are made with the same natural compound as people. So our body recognizes and welcomes whole plant compounds as beneficial to our overall health. Our scientists extract the highest purity and highest potency bioactive compounds using natural and clean methods to serve, inspire and contribute to your health.