Quality is the Nature
Sky-high mountains, glinting glaciers,
spectral rainforests and remote beaches is Canada.

What are the benefits?
Taking high quality natural supplements regularly can help regulate your metabolism, promote tissue maintenance and repair, and prevent disease. Natural supplements come from food sources and your body is more accustomed to processing and absorbing the nutrients that they contain compared to supplements that contain artificial ingredients. OCANA™ uses organic, vegan sourced, non-gmo ingredients that are naturally processed to retain the highest purity and potency of the original source.
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O blueberry
Pure bioactive phytonutrients. Antioxidants for overall health.
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O black maca
Superior organic proprietary blend. Hormonal & sexual enhancement.
O resveratrols
Concentrated source of resveratrols
O milk thistle
Contains silibins, an active constituents of slymarin
Our Innovations

A clean and innovative technology utilizing only pure Canadian water to solubilize bioactive compounds without the use of chemical solvents.

An adaptogenic process that creates raw and gelantinized form of ingredients for easy digestion, while keeping the nutrients intact and bioavailable.

Wholesome Goodness
Supporting local Canadian farms for the freshest and the most wholesome ingredients guaranteed.